Elam Davies, pastor emeritus of Fourth Presbyterian Church and founder of the Day School, was known for his forward thinking in social programming and commitment to building a strong community. Observing the joys and challenges young families were facing, he saw a need for a place in which families could meet and learn. In 1968, this need was fulfilled by opening the Day School. Since its inception, the Day School has focused on building relationships with parents, children and their caregivers as a foundation for learning. Staying true to its play-based philosophy, the Day School has grown from 1 class of preschoolers to 5+ programs with multiple classes, serving children 18 months to 5 years and their families. During its 50 year history, the Day School has been housed in 4 different locations (some temporary, due to construction), all with the same intent: To inspire children to be lifelong learners by supporting their physical, cognitive, emotional and spiritual growth through play in an inclusive environment.

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