Day School facilities include two state-of-the-art classrooms, a large motor room, and an outdoor playground—all as part of Fourth Presbyterian Church’s new Gratz Center.


The Day School is a house in the modern Gratz Center, directly behind the historic Fourth Presbyterian Church building, which was built in 2012. Classrooms are bright and spacious with floor to ceiling windows looking out on to our ground level playground designed for young children. The open space allows for group play as while the as providing areas for quiet and solitary play. Teachers create an environment that encourages curiosity and independence by hand selecting toys and activities and placing them where children can explore on their own time. When setting up the room, teachers considering the class’ interests and abilities.


Right outside our classrooms doors, you will find our expansive, (xx) square foot playground. Children have plenty of space to run, scoot and bike ride on the weather-friendly playground surface. A climbing structure provides opportunities to use full body movements and is an obstacle preschool children love to tackle. Bikes, scooters, and wagons are available for those who prefer to move by wheels. Our group-sized sandbox is the perfect place to dig, pour, build and “bake” alone or with friends.


In inclement weather, Day Schoolers utilize the Bumpus Room for motor play. This xx square foot room accommodates bikes, slides, a basketball hoop, mats for tumbling, roller skates, wagons, tunnels and more. Walls are equipped with padding and floor is carpeted to soften any incidences. Floor to ceiling windows provides a view of the church and the bustle of Michigan Avenue.

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