Parents as Partners

We believe that parents are a child’s first and most important teacher. Therefore, we firmly believe in collaborating with parents in order to provide the best school experience for all children. Collaboration happens in many ways. The director and teachers are always curious to hear about the latest developments at home and are open to receiving feedback about each family’s school experience. Communication is on-going via email, phone, and text and in person. Formal conferences are scheduled in January, and also take place as requested throughout the year.

The Day School also offers many opportunities for families to get involved and to be part of their child’s school experience.

The Twos Program hosts Halloween and Valentine’s parties in the evening in order to include the whole family. In addition, “Parent Talks”, facilitated by a social worker specializing in child development and family relations, are held once a month during class time.

AM and PM Preschool programs provide many opportunities to participate in the classroom. Parents are invited to sign up to be a “mystery reader” (children solve the mystery based on clues about the reader), be a scribe for story dictation, share family/cultural traditions at our Circle Time, be a classroom librarian or help host one of our many celebrations.

All-school events include a Fall Picnic, a “Get Acquainted” party (adults only), Children’s Party/Benefit and end of year parties- “Potluck” for Families and “A Night Out” for Grown-ups.


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