Penny Applegate


After graduating from Northwestern University with a B.S. in Education, Penny taught in elementary schools in both the Chicago suburbs and city. She then spent more than a decade teaching adults in the business world before moving to Asia with her husband. Penny’s introduction to the Day School came when her daughter attended, and then later, her grandson. It was while spending time in her grandson’s class that she fell in love with the school. Penny believes there is a joy to be experienced at the Day School. The children, parents, and staff have formed a strong community that values every child. While volunteering, she is a valuable extra pair of hands, eyes, and ears in the classroom, as well as a welcoming lap. She is also a favorite substitute teacher. Penny loves what Fourth Presbyterian Church and the city offers seven days a week. When she is not at the Day School, she does other kinds of volunteer work and enjoys time with her husband.

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